Boris Filanovsky's


место в сети
Бориса Филановского

что когда

Il primo punto (1995) for accordion/organ 7'

Gwaegr (1995) for cello and string orchestra 17'

Fadensonnen (1996) for flute and harpsichord 13'

Le planétaire de poche à remonter (1998) for four-hands piano (variable performance) n x 2'45

Nachmusik (1998) for flute, 4 cellos and accordion 17'

Doppelgedicht (1999) for soprano and piano (Paul Célan) 9'

Les Eléments, carré d'études transcendentales (2000) for two-bowed cello 12'

Lygoi (2000) for string quartet 16'

O ignis Spiritus Paracliti (2001) anthem for countertenor, 2 tenors and bass 12'

Gwaegr (version 2001) for cello and ensemble 17'

Une messe de... (2001) for contemporary and/or period instruments and voices 13'

eNsemble cond. by Fedor Lednev (17 MB)

Laterna Magica and Olga Komok (17,7 MB)

Polyphonion (2001) concerto after Pavel Filonov's "Formulas" for extended violin, accordion & 6 instruments 17'

Vlad Pessin, Sergei Tchirkov, eNsemble cond. by Fedor Lednev (13 MB)

Concerto di forza (2002) for piano and orchestra 17'

Slava Poprouguine, The Ural Philharmonics, cond. by Dmitri Liss (32.7 MB)

jAnko krUl albAnskaj (2002) dada-opera for 6 singers, 8 instrumentalists and conductor (text by Ilya Zdanevich, 1916) 26'

Andrey Slavny, Angelina Dashkovskaya, Vladimir Miller, eNsemble cond. by Fedor Lednev (30,5 MB)

Lesvet Set'my (2002) 17 texts by Anna Alchuk in 23 movements for soprano and 7 players 17'

Irina Andryakova, eNsemble cond. by Fedor Lednev (20,4 MB)

Consummatum est: cantate Domini canticum novum (2003) for 9 instruments (a part of the project "Seven words. Joseph Haydn and The Group of Authors")

eNsemble, cond. by Fedor Lednev (6,5 MB)

Un petit concert de rats (2003) soundtrack for Ladislaw Starewitsch animation film "Le rat de ville et le rat de champs" (1920) for winds, brass, piano and bass-guitar 13'30

Rheos (2003) for string trio and piano 14'

Vlad Pessin, Nazar Kozhukhar, Taras Trepel, Eugeny Izotov (16 MB)

Aerra (2004) for violin and piano 13'

Paul Pankert and Claire Lecoq (13 MB)

Breathing Exercises (2004) on texts by Genrikh Sapgir for 3-octave male voice, violin and bouzouki 8'

Alexander Manotskov, A Bao A Ku (7,4 MB)

The Axe (2004), funeral marches or valses in memoriam Dostoevsky's personages for brass quintet and percussionist 9'

A Certain Quantity of Conversations (2004) on texts by Alexander Vvedensky for contralto and 8 instrumentalists 25'

Gerry de Vries, DoelenEnsemble cond. by Arie van Beek:
1. The Last Conversation (6,5 MB)
2. A Conversation About The Absence Of Poetry (6,9 MB)
3. A Conversation About Sparrows (6,8 MB)
4. A Conversation About An Insane Asylum (6,7 MB)

Words and Spaces (2005) for male voice, winds, brass and double-bass 14'

Author, Schoenberg Ensemble cond. by Reinbert de Leeuw (15,1 MB)

Dramma muto (2005) for clarinet, violin, cello, and piano 10'

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble (9,4 MB)

The Normal (2005) for voice and 6 players (Vladimir Sorokin) 18'

Author, Musica Aeterna Ensemble cond. by Teodor Currentzis (30,1 MB)

We Can't Perform It (2006), an open rehearsal for piano trio with flute and clarinet 14'

Da Capo Chamber Players (16,9 MB)

Schmozart (2006) for piano, violin, and cello 10'

Nikolay Mazhara, Vlad Pessin, Taras Trepel (11 MB)

bzdmn [hmlss] (2006) on documentary texts by homeless people for male voice, string trio and button accordion 22'

Author, eNsemble cond. by Fedor Lednev (zip archive 28,9 MB)

Ursonate (2007), an instruction for three improvising performers and live electronics (text: Kurt Schwitters) 45'

Dramma vago (2007) for flute, viola, and piano 11'

ensemble Intégrales (18.1 MB)

Aalto functions (2008) for clarinet/bass clarinet, cello and accordion 11'

eNsemble (15.3 MB)

Eine kleine Nachtmusik (2009) for soprano and pianist (text: Lev Rubinstein) 17'

Natalia Pschenitchnikowa & Alexei Glazkov (25.4 MB)

Seemphony (2010) for orchestra 18'

The Ural Philharmonic Orchestra, cond. by Enhe:
I  Altogether listenable soundings
II  Graded acoustic stuff
III  Hammered transitions

Primadonna (2010) for soprano and orchestra 12'

0,10 (2010) suprematism for ensemble 21'

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, cond. by Fedor Lednev

He made forty (2011) for 4 reciting percussionists (text: Gertrude Stein) 12'30''

Slagwerk Den Haag

Collectivision (2011) for 7 mouth harmonicas and button accordion 24'

eNsemble & Sergei Tchirkov, cond. by Fedor Lednev

Voicity (2011), an open-air / homage to Arseny Avraamov 70'

Transart Festival

Three four (2011), lyrical scenes not for theatre (texts: Lev Rubinstein) 75'

Moscow Contemporary Music Ensemble, cond. by Fedor Lednev

play.list (2013) a playlist in 11 tracks for 15 players and 2 voices 40'

Scompositio (2014) for female voice performer, 13 players and audio projection 42'